The Devil is in the Details

Wouldn’t you like to know what those details are? Image Surveyor combines photo-sharing with survey taking, offering detailed visual feedback on your images, product designs, and graphic creations.

Market Studies

Currently, using our technology, we can provide a survey to your focus group or customers. Displaying pictures, we can ask them to identify what aspects they like and don’t like, returning you both heat maps and detailed data. Then you will know what exactly what details in your image arouse a reaction both positive and negative.

Each dot holds data about age, gender, location, and education, which allows companies to better understand their target audience or customers. Please contact us if you would like to setup a survey: info <at>


We can help you design custom surveys, comparing your products side by side, helping you better understand your target demographic.

Custom Solutions

We can discuss implementing the Image Surveyor engine into your current website or app, allowing you to survey your customers.

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For More Information

Please contact us at info <at>