Frequency Asked Questions and Common Issues

Name Change:

Q: Why did you change your name? 

A: Image Surveyor reflects better reflects our use case. Eye Tracking is only one method to evaluate an image, supporting our use case.

Q: What will change? 

A: We have only changed the website name, email addresses, and name placards.

Q: Why do I still see EyePickIt? 

A:  Some of the inner workings are still under the EyePickIt domain while we transition to the new name.

User Profile: 

Q: How can I upload my user profile picture?

A: Please visit Gravatar and upload an image corresponding to the email that you signed up with.

Picture Uploader: 

Q: Why is the uploader not working? 

A: Your pictures may be too big.

Q: What are the maximum picture size and preferred format? 

A: 2MB in jpeg format (JPG or jpg)

Q: Why can’t I save my pictures? 

A: You need to fill out all of the characteristics (description, reaction sets, display preferences, and tags).

Q: Why can’t I choose my own tags? 

A: For now we are using a limited and preset list to avoid abuse and misuse.